Our Story

Ripa® Sandals: Comfort and style redefined…giving you freedom to wear any time, any where.

We’re a boutique company, family founded and run, with a focus on designing crazy comfortable sandals with great style to be worn anytime and anywhere! Our collections are inspired by our customers. The Himalayan, our first collection, is a niche brand initially conceived to provide comfort and support to athletes who wanted to slip into the perfect sandal after kicking off their cleats, skates, and running shoes. We quickly discovered that the Himalayans were embraced as the sandal of choice by all family members, not just the athletes at home. Parents, Grandparents and young adults equally responded to the “ahhhh” feeling of slipping into a sandal with warmth, support and comfort enough to wear both at home and about town. At Ripa we were thrilled to receive email testimonials from Himalayan wearers of all different ages and all different parts of the country.  We still are!

Our customers next asked for a resort style sandal.  We created the Sedona, a cork wrapped, triple padded footbed in a sleek profile.

Our Ripa sandal patented designs always combine cushioned foot beds supported by traction, non-marking soles and the color red to support good Karma. An original Ripa Wear sandal is identified by the red incorporated into the sandal’s design.

One foot at a time, our mission is to help make peoples’ lives better! Each year Ripa Wear donates our sandals to global and national non-profit organizations such as AmeriCares, Soles4Souls, CT Quest for Peace and Kids in Distressed Situations (KIDS).

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Ripa Wear. Our customers have been with us for years, spreading the word about Ripa sandals, calling them the “world’s most comfortable sandals”!  We love hearing from you. Keep the emails coming!

Retailers or sales reps. contact us at customerservice@ripawear.com