Are Ripa® sandals water resistant or waterproof?

 The Sedona sandal is waterproof. The Himalayan uses only real sheepskin that is naturally water resistant, but not waterproof. We recommend you don’t get them drenching wet. A small amount of water is fine, it will bead at the surface and the shearling will take on a curly texture. If you’re looking for even greater resistance, you can spray your fleece sandals with a water repellant shoe product.

Will any of the Ripa® sandals mark my floor if I wear them in the house?

 No! All Ripa outsoles have non-marking rubber outsoles giving you comfort and the reassurance that you won’t mark your floors.

Can I wear my Ripa® Himalayan sandals outside?

Yes! Unlike many fleece lined sandals, or slippers, the patented Himalayan design incorporates athletic soles giving you the freedom and confidence to wear them outside! The ribbing will give you non-slip wear and they are non-marking should you wear them inside.

Are my Ripa® Himalayan sandals washable?

If want to clean your sandals, we recommend gently hand washing them with cold water and a mild soap. Rinse, then simply air dry. They will fluff naturally, to a curly texture. Do not machine wash or put in the dryer.

Will the Himalayan sandals be too hot for my feet in the spring/summer or make my feet sweat?

Unlike many fleece sandals on the market, the Himalayan uses only all natural shearling which is breathable and moisture wicking allowing you to be comfortable throughout the seasons, without sweat build up. Synthetic fleece, on the other hand, can leave you too warm and sweaty.

What is the exchange policy?

When purchased through our company website, Ripa sandals can be exchanged up to 3 weeks after the purchase date. Sandals must be unworn and returned with all tags in tact. Simply return your pair along with receipt and note of what you would like as an exchange and Ripa Wear will ship back to you your exchanged request free of charge. Ripa Wear return address:

Ripa Wear Inc.
1658 Ponus Ridge
New Canaan CT 06840

What is the return policy?

When purchased through our company website, Ripa sandals can be returned up to 3 weeks after the purchase date. During the holidays, the return timeframe is extended to 1 month. They must be returned unworn, in original, clean condition with no foot imprints. The tags must still be attached to the sandal and in the original package bag. Ripa Wear Inc. is not responsible for shipping costs to return or replace. Please see our section on return policy for more details. Retail returns/exchanges should go through the store you purchased them at.

Why are some sizes of Himalayan sandals out of stock?

Ensuring consistent top quality in all Ripa footwear is the paramount to the company. As soon as Ripa Wear became aware of a quality control issue with the factory who manufactures the patented Himalayan design, we pulled the entire order. As a family owned and run business, we are hands on in all areas. We aren’t willing to accept less than perfect quality, so made the hard decision to go on hiatus for the Himalayan so that production can be moved to a new manufacturer who will enable us to give you only the best quality.

We deeply appreciate our RIPA wearers and think of our customers as part of our extended RIPA family. We want only the best for our family. To make sure we deliver on that philosophy, we are making changes to production that will require extra time. We estimate that Ripa Wear will be ready to fill orders on out-of-stock Himalayans in late Spring 2019.

Please bear with us. We value your loyalty to our unique and much-loved brand. We value our extended family of RIPA wearers who make us love what we do.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for recognizing and demanding top quality.

Thank you for being a part of our RIPA family.

Visit this site on occasion to check on product updates.

How do I contact you?

You can reach us at customerservice@ripawear.com.  Your questions will be answered promptly.