Ripa Wear Ambassador Program

The Ripa Wear Company and the Ripa® Brand:

Ripa Wear is a premium footwear company that opened its doors in 2009 with its first collection, the Himalayan- the first to offer a real shearling footbed in a sandal. The Ripa® Himalayan sandal was designed for teens and college students to wear outside especially to and from sports, classes and to run errands. Today, people of all ages wear Ripa® sandals inside the dorm, to walk around campus, run errands or at home as slippers or outside as sandals!

Our company believes that everyone has the freedom to wear sandals year around, be totally comfortable while still being stylish. All our collections are made of first quality materials and are consumer tested to ensure ultimate comfort and trendy style. Our motto “Freedom To Wear”, represents our belief that everyone should have the freedom to express oneself through what you wear and what do in a way that encourages individuality in a wholesome, fun, sporty way.

An important part of what we do is to give forward to those in need. We believe everyone should have a pair of shoes so that they can walk, work, and support themselves. That’s why every year we donate Ripa® sandals to leading organizations such as AmeriCares and Soles4Souls.

The Ripa Wear Ambassador Program:

Ripa Wear has two programs. One for Ripa lovers who would like to represent the brand by  engaging in social marketing and hosting promotional events. The other is specifically designed for students to intern during the school year. We are accepting college ambassador applications for 2021/22 academic year!

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain real world business experience working with an entrepreneurial company
  • Build your resume
  • Acquire valuable skills in sales, marketing and social media
  • Opportunity to obtain letter of recommendation upon request and contingent upon performance
  • More referrals mean more money in your pocket!
  • Opportunity for you to earn free Ripa® sandals based on performance

How Does the college program work?

  • Wear, promote and represent the Ripa Wear brand around campus
    • Initial $40 investment: 2 pairs of sample sandals to show your friends and another pair for yourself to wear
  • Sell the Ripa® sandals: each brand ambassador will have their own individualized ‘Promo Code’ to which they can give out to students and friends
    • When your promo code is used on the website, you will receive 5% commission and your customer will get a $10 off discount on each pair they buy

Social marketing internship and college ambassador program:

  • Host minimum of 1 Ripa® event per quarter to spread awareness and gain sales. Submit a description of the event before hand and a summary of the event afterwards including photos.
  • Post 2 creative social media per month on FaceBook, Instagram, and Pinterest(optional) incorporating the Ripa Wear brand, #FreedomToWear, your school and a seasonal hashtag.
  • Internship program: Develop and execute 1 marketing program to increase sales to the target consumer. Track results

What qualities are we looking for in a Ripa Ambassador?

  • Social, outgoing, and friendly
  • Active user of social media with great interpersonal skills
  • Hard working, energetic with strong organizational skills
  • For college students: Involved in on-campus groups/programs (Greek life, student organizations, sports teams, etc.)
  • GPA of 2.6 or above and a sophomore or older
  • Loves sandals and footwear!

How do I Apply?

  • Download and complete the application form
  • Submit your completed application to (