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Finally Freedom to Wear Sandals Year Around!

Black Slide by Leather Sofa

US Patent D609896

Designed for the active life style, Ripa Wear brings you the ultimate in comfort sandals! Our collection of shearling sandals feature 100% natural shearling bedding and lining for deep down comfort. These shearling sandals keep your feet cozy and warm in cool days and moisture wicking dry when the temps rise!

Himalayan on Fleece

US Patent D594188S







Ripa’s patented design features a technical EVA traction sole which gives you the freedom to wear them out doors as sport sandals or indoors as non-skid shearling slippers!



Uniquely, Ripa® soles feature red life lines to give you that positive karma as you go through your day! Just look at the bottom of every Ripa® sole.

No matter where and when you wear your Ripa’s, they will comfort your feet and sole!

Why You’ll Love Your Ripa’s

  • Your feet feel like they’re nestled in a shearling blanket, deep, soft, and luxurious!
  • You’ll get the comfort and durability of an athletic sneaker so you can wear them anytime, anywhere!
  • They’ll give you the freedom of a flip flop with the traction of an athletic sole!
  • They are as comfortable as slippers, but they’re NOT!
  • They’re warm and yet you don’t sweat!
    AND…you’ll feel good karma as you go through your day by the RIPA red life lines embedded in the bottom of every RIPA sole!